Are Dogs Able to Sniff Out Lung Cancer?

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A new study finds that dogs specially trained to sniff for lung cancer may have more work to do.

The dogs sniffed the breath samples of 122 people and correctly identified the subjects with lung cancer 78.6 percent of the time. However, they were only able to detect 34 percent of patients who do not have lung cancer.

“Our dogs made mistakes with both positive and negative samples,” said study co-author Klaus Hackner, from Krems University Hospital in Austria. Hackner thinks the dogs’ success rate could be improved in a training program designed to reward them more often. The study was published in the Journal of Breath Research. – Read it at Seeker

Firefighters Rescue Trapped 2-Day-Old Kitten

Firefighters in Farmington Hills, Michigan, created a makeshift tool to safely remove a 2-day-old kitten from the concrete culvert where it was found on Thursday. Lt. Jason Baloga and Inspector Dan Rickard used a flashlight, a pike pole and an adhesive trauma dressing as a tool to pull the kitten out of the space without injury. The kitten was taken to a local Blue Pearl Veterinary Hospital for treatment. “Many of us are animal lovers and situations like this definitely make everyone involved feel good,” said Fire Chief Jon Unruh. – Read more at Click on Detroit

Cat Found 32 Days After Earthquake in Italy

Amazingly, another animal has been pulled alive from the rubble of the devastating earthquake in Amatrice, Italy – 32 days after it struck. The gray and white cat named Rocco was found trapped beneath the ruins and reunited with his “happy owners,” the fire service shared on Twitter Sunday night. Another cat, Pietro, was found alive 16 days after the earthquake. Before that, a cat named Joy was found after five days and a Golden Retriever named Romeo was found alive after nine days. – Read it at Italy’s The Local

Pet Scoop: Offers Pour in for Escape Artist German Shepherd, Red Pandas Meet Media

Sept. 26, 2016: We’ve scoured the Web to find the best and most compelling animal stories, videos and photos. And it’s all right here.

Image: Ginger the german shepherd

Shepherd Escapes Shelter

Offers to adopt a 2-year-old German Shepherd have poured in to a California shelter after it released surveillance video and images of her deftly making her way out of her kennel and through three doors to escape last week. Ginger had been reluctantly surrendered to the Apple Valley Animal Shelter by her homeless owner days earlier, because he didn’t want her to have to live out of a vehicle. The shelter staff believes the heartbroken dog was trying to get back to her owner. Luckily, alarms went off and Ginger was found three days later a few blocks from her previous owner’s home. She’s now in a more secure area while the shelter staff reviews the many applications to adopt Ginger that have come in since her escape story made news. – Read it at California’s KSAT

Californians Can Save Dogs From Hot Cars

New legislation that was signed into law Saturday allows Californians to break into vehicles to rescue dogs or cats who appear to be in danger from excessive heat. Under the new law, the citizen must first call law enforcement to report the situation, but if they believe the animal is in imminent danger and authorities aren’t arriving quickly enough, the law gives them immunity from criminal liability for damaging the car to save the animal. – Read it at the Los Angeles Times

Poaching Takes Dramatic Toll on African Elephants

The International Union for Conservation of Nature said Sunday that Africa’s elephant population has suffered its worst drop in 25 years, due to poaching. Estimates from across Africa put the total elephant population at around 415,000 – down about 111,000 over the last decade. The numbers show “the truly alarming plight of the majestic elephant,” said IUCN chief Inger Andersen. “It is shocking but not surprising that poaching has taken such a dramatic toll on this iconic species.” – Read it at

Image: Red pandas Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Red Panda Twins Strike a Pose

A pair of adorable endangered 3-month-old red pandas met the media for the first time last week at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in New York. The male cub was named Ravi, or “king,” and his sister was named Amiya, which means “delight.” Their experienced mom, Tabei, has been taking care of them in their nest box out of view from the public, and it will still be a while before they’ll be ready to meet the public. The cubs have opened their eyes and can move about, and they’re expected to begin climbing out of their nest box soon. – See photos at Zooborns

Missing Dog Found After 2 Years

A small dog who went missing from his California home in 2014 was found 800 miles away in New Mexico. They’re not sure where Huxley has been all of this time, but owner Justine Martin said he’s actually much chubbier than he was when he disappeared. His family now lives in Nevada, and couldn’t afford the $250 ticket to fly him there. Luckily, they quickly raised the money on the crowdfunding site GoFundMe, and Huxley will soon be reunited with the Martins. – Read it at CBS Los Angeles

9-Year-Old Girl and Her Three-Legged Puppy Will Get Prosthetic Limbs

Averie Mitchell, 9, and a rescue puppy named Hattie Mae are a “match made in heaven,” says Averie’s mom. The pair met in February during one of Averie’s appointments at Celerity Prosthetics in Oklahoma City, where she was being fitted for a new prosthetic leg. Hattie Mae, who’s missing her back right leg, was there for a fitting at the same time, with her foster mom. “While Averie was getting casted, Hattie laid her head on Averie’s lap and sat there with her,” said Kimberly Mitchell. From there, a sweet friendship was born. The Mitchell family adopted Hattie from The Underdogs Rescue in May. The two have been bonding and settling in. Averie is expected to get her new prosthetic in the next few days, and Hattie’s is being built now. – Watch it at ABC News